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When You Were Mine by Michael Robotham

When You Are Mine by Michael Robotham - Books - Hachette Australia

Once again, Michael Robotham has delivered a taut, atmospheric and utterly riveting story in a fabulous standalone novel that deals with fraught themes. This tale about toxic masculinity (and the forces that work to maintain it at any cost) and friendships, the way in which children can continue to pay for their parents’ past, and how some people can work against their own best interests is a challenging read. 

All her life, Philomena (Phil) has wanted to be a police officer. Despite her family’s criminal past, she manages to secure a position in the force and excels at her job. Fast forward a few years and she is much admired, engaged to a good man, and striving ahead in her chosen profession and personal life. Then, she is called upon the attend a DV case. From that moment forward, both aspects of her life begin to unravel. I won’t say much more except that this is such a hold-you-breath-and-turn-the page novel, I was quite literally on the edge of my seat! Well, hospital bed, actually, as I was unexpectedly admitted to hospital (not Covid!) and turned to something I knew would distract me from a distressing time – thank you, Michael R, you never let me down.

This is a book that will linger in your imagination long after the last page. It is masterfully told, incredibly fast paced and deeply unsettling. It holds a dark mirror up to society and dares you to look. I did and am still being haunted by what I saw.


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