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The Night Fire by Michael Connelly

This is the third book in the Harry Bosch and Renee Ballard series and, like the other two, it’s a cracker.

Semi-retired, Harry is still keeping his finger in the investigation pie when his old mentor, John Jack Thompson, dies, leaving him with a murder book for an unsolved case. Harry calls upon Renee to see if they can crack the 20-year old death of a young man.

But, the further they delve into the case, the further aspects of Thompson’s life and character are revealed, aspects that don’t represent him in such a positive light. Conflicted, but determined to uncover the reasons the murder book was removed from archives, both Harry and Renee start to wonder, is it because Thompson wanted the case cracked or was it to ensure it never got solved?

Once again, Connelly is able to meld the lead characters’ past and present, adding richness and depth to not only Harry and Renee, and also Harry’s brother, the Lincoln lawyer (who makes an appearance), but the cases they’re working. The social and cultural scene of LA is fabulously set as are the changes that twenty years has wrought. The dialogue is smart and real and what I really love about all Connelly’s books is there is a logic to the investigation and the steps Harry and Renee take that demonstrates not only their intelligence, but the barriers they encounter and how they need to be overcome if possible. Connelly also never steers away from exposing his main protagonists’ weaknesses and flaws as much as their strengths, and we love them all the more for it.

I was shocked to find Harry admits to being almost 70 in the book. Seventy! While it’s clear Harry is struggling with the notion of retiring, I think they’ll be a revolt when Connelly eventually allows our erstwhile hero to surrender his badge (properly). I’ve no doubt when that happens (and not too soon, I hope!), it will be with a bang and not a whimper.

Another fabulous addition to a taut, gripping and great series. 

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