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The Crossing by Michael Connelly

25748442The latest instalment in the fantastic Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly, The Crossing, opens with not only our eponymous and unerring hero six months into retirement and suing his department, but united with another Connelly favourite, the Lincoln Lawyer and Bosch’s half-brother, Mickey Haller.

Recognising that Bosch and retirement are estranged bedfellows, Haller offers Bosch a job – work for him as an investigator to prove the innocence of a client accused of a brutal rape and murder.

The last thing Bosch wants is to help those he’s spent a lifetime putting away. To him, working for Haller is like crossing to the dark side and he dreads the battering his reputation will take, the friends he’ll lose and the way his remarkable career will be coloured by this change of direction. Only, once he begins to look into the case, Bosch sees anomalies that could indicate a gross miscarriage of justice might be about to take place… but evidence against Haller’s client is watertight and the crime just so awful. Yet, there’s no motive, not even any evidence the perpetrator and victim ever met prior to the night she was killed – what’s called “the crossing”. What’s going on?

Unable to resist, Bosch takes on the investigation and, in doing so, as he treads paths other investigators have previously trodden, places himself and the various witnesses the prosecutors were planning to use in grave danger.

Superbly written and plotted, this tale hits a fast pace from the moment it begins and never relents. Following his mantra of getting out and about and talking to people and going places, Harry casts aside his misgivings about changing sides, and throws himself into the case. As he begins to join the dots, the picture he finds is very different to that which has been drawn. Twists and turns follow every dark corner, shadows loom not to have light shed upon them, but to plunge the reader and Harry into further darkness.

Suspense builds as Harry comes closer to the truth – but what lines does he have to cross to discover it?

This book kept me up well into the night in order to finish it – I couldn’t put it down. I wondered how Connelly, having retired Harry, was going to bring this one together in his usual exciting and entertaining manner. He has done a simply stellar job and without sacrificing pace, plot, character, back-story or the satisfying glimpses we get into Harry’s personal life.

A fabulous, impossible-to-put-down read.

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