Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke

It was reading a glowing review by a writer and reviewer I greatly respect (looking at you, Kate Forsyth), that lead me to buy this book. And I am so glad I did.

Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke is a fabulous, clever and most-often heart-warming romp about a young journalist-in-waiting, Justine, and what she does when the love of her teenage-years – Nick, who is now an actor – re-enters her life in order to ensure he doesn’t exit, stage left, again.

Nick is a great believer in astrology and assiduously reads and follows the advice of his favourite astrologer, Leo who, it so happens, writes for the magazine Justine works for. When Justine is given responsibility for editing the pages that include making sure the horoscopes are entered correctly, she does the unthinkable and edits the copy for Nick’s stars in an effort to steer him into her orbit and away from his model-girlfriend’s. (She really is a model). 

An Aquarian, Nick follows the advice Justine is giving, believing it’s still coming from the renown astrologer, Leo. But there are others following Leo/Justine’s words for Aquarius with alternately heart-aching, warming and hilarious and gratifying results – everyone from a dying man, a quirky florist, and even a one-eyed mutt (with the best name!).

As the story weaves, separates and finally comes together, it explores love, loss, friendship and choices – how sometimes, we allow others to make them for us, instead of aligning not just our stars, but our heads and hearts.

A quick, fun and fulfilling read. 

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