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Book Review: The Leopard

A poetic and beautiful novel that follows the fortunes and changes besetting the noble Salina family in Sicily in the 1800s. Told mainly through the eyes of the Prince, we are admitted into the last period where nobles held power simply because of their birth. Against a background of sweeping political and social change we follow the lives of the Prince’s family, especially his beloved nephew, Tancredi, and the young middle class woman who enters his life. Evocatively told and filled with wisdom and wonderful analogies that, like a good wine, you roll around in your mouth before tasting, this is an exquisite novel. And, without spoiling it, has one of the most heart-wrenching, poignant and yet elegant treatises on death and dying. Brought tears to my eyes. Il libro e malto meraviglioso. Penso gli altri leggere il romanzo. Bellissimo!

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