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Arrabella Candellarbra by A.K. Wrox

If you like fantasy, comedy, references to pop culture and more than a wee bit of raunch, then this is the book for you. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in ages as I followed the adventures of the heroine, Arrabella and her three companionArrabella Candellarbra and the Questy Thing to End All Questy Thingss: the gorgeous specimen of manhood, the Beast-master, Langley, the Green Fairy Jim (watch out Kylie) and the wizard Gary as they set off to win a tournament and rescue the Reginas – Arrabella’s adopted parents. From references to The Princess Bride,Mr Ed, war heroes, fairy tales, Star Wars, Monty Python, never mind Queen, breakfast cereals and suspiciously named flora and fauna to saw-toothed bunnies, revolting toads/frogs and the magic faraway tree-nympho, this book is a roller-coaster ride of adventure and misadventure with metaphors and silly similes in abundance. But like the rollicking good tale that it is, at its heart is heart and though Arrabella is beautiful, strong and courageous, she is also young and sexually naive and her journey throughout different realms with her erstwhile companions, is also a personal quest to discover what and who is important to her and just who she wants to be….

Ending where another adventure is about to begin, I don’t know the answer ┬áto that yet, but I know I am looking forward to finding out.

A delightful and hilarious tale of beauty, beasts and everything in-between, A.K. Wrox (the combined talents of award-winning and wonderful writers, Amanda Wrangles and Kylie Fox) have outdone themselves with wit, talent and imagination. Another bonus about this scrummy number and something I rarely think about let alone mention, is the quality of the publication. The cover is luminous and speaks to its genre and the pages themselves, like one imagines Arrabella’s skin (except for one spot in the book), are soft and lovely to touch. Simply holding the book and the act of reading is joyous.

On the whole, a terrific book and story – I don’t want this questy thing to end!


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