Angel by LJ Ross DCI Ryan #4

The fourth book in the DCI Ryan series, Angel is a page-turner.
Life is slImage result for High Force L J Rossowly returning to a semblance of normality for Ryan and his fiancé, Anna, and wedding plans are being made, that is until the body of a young woman is found. Not only is she partially-buried in a grave intended for someone else, but she’s been positioned to look like an angel. When more bodies start turning up, some in the angelic pose and others not, Ryan and Phillips realize they have a different sort of religious killer on the loose – a religious killer who doesn’t care who their victim is as long as she has red hair, pale skin and is of a certain age, very much like the love of Phillip’s life, Detective Inspector Denise McKenzie….

While I had my doubts about this series to start with, I confess, the characters have really grown on me. Ross has developed Ryan, Anna, Philips, Denise and Jack to the point you feel invested in them and care deeply when they’re threatened, which is what makes this book so very appealing. Not only that, but the plot moves at a fast pace, the killer remaining a step ahead all the time.

There are still some clichés that can grind a tad, but some are simply part of the generic conventions of crime narratives and can be forgiven, especially when other aspects of the writing are so very good. The ending is a doozy as well and had me buying and starting the next in the series immediately.

Good start to the new year reading!


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