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Illumination news

I’ve decided I’m not very good at putting up info about my books. I must get better at it. I also have to update my website – and I will. After Illumination comes out. See, that’s my problem. At the moment, my year is divided into two halves: BI and AI – Before Illumination and Artificial Intelligence… not really πŸ™‚ I do mean, After Illumination. The idea being that once the final book in the Curse of the Bond Riders series is out there, I can fix/reinvent/update my website. And I will… I’ve said it twice now, three times and it’s a charm I cannot break πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I do have some news and the cover to share with you.

So, here’s the cover. Tallow’s face is finally revealed and Serenissima is there wreathed in mist and unctuous moonlight. I really love the cover. From the jade greens of Tallow, to the golds of Votive to the sapphire hues and silvers of Illumination. It’s the series captured in jewels and metals.

News wise, I’ve just signed the contract with Bolinda to have Illumination turned into an audio book. That means that all of the series will now be made made into audio books which is really very thrilling and I can’t wait to listen to them – the idea that someone will read the books, bring them to life aurally, is just lovely. It’s like the first time you see your book’s cover and what an artist and graphic designer have done to your tale, how they’ve visually translated your ideas into a different medium. It’s very dazzling and exciting. I can’t wait to hear how Bolinda translate the series either.

The print version of the book is due for release JULY 1st. I put that in capitals because I am getting asked a great deal about this (thank you) and I wanted it to stand out. It should be in all good book stores from that day forward, and it Β it’s not, it doesn’t mean your bookstore is bad (necessarily, but… bad bookstore!:)), but that you have to ask them to order it in! Please do that if it’s not.

My last bit of news for this post is to put a link to an interview I did with the lovely Kathryn Linge as part of the spec-fic “snapshots” that they do with well-known authors every two years. I was chuffed to be asked and Kathryn’s questions were fabulous. So if you want some info from behind the scenes, so to speak, about the writing of my books and what research I do, and more, then follow this link!

Other than that, I have no other news for now. I am writing a new book and in time, I will blog about that too! Take care,

Karen πŸ™‚

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