Votive: A taste of what’s to come…

Hi again!

As promised, I can now reveal a blurb – or summary – only brief – of Votive, the second book in The Curse of the Bond Riders series. As I wrote in a recent blog, I finished the novel – it’s much longer than Tallow and I can tell you it’s action-packed, moody, sensual and heart-wrenching (at least, that’s what my publisher said!). Well, ┬áthe manuscript has now been read by one of my wonderful editors and publisher and my fabulous agent and I am pleased to report, they loved it – phew! So now I can post the blurb! I have to tell you that I didn’t write this. This was written by my other editor, Sarah, who is absolutely brilliant and I love working with her. On the basis of my detailed synopsis, she wrote what’s below…. NOTE: Spoiler alert if you haven’t read Book One, Tallow.
OK. Deep breath. Here it is:
Return to the beautiful, deadly world of Tallow, where the stakes are even higher. Tallow has had everything taken away: friends, family, hope. To survive at the hands of the corrupt Maleovelli family, she must cast aside her male disguise and become cold-hearted Tarlo, female courtesan and assassin.

But the intrigues of the Serenissian nobility are nothing against the larger forces moving within the world of Vista Mare. And her enemies have a secret asset: the one thing she cannot possibly resist….

What do you think? What’s going to happen? I am so excited….

What I can also tell you is that cover designs are now being discussed. The photo above is one I took in Venice and I adore it. To me, it’s always expressed the atmosphere of Tallow’s world.

Please let me know what you think!!!

Now it’s time to start Book 3: Illumination.

Karen x

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