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Big Brother, Responsibility and Lady GaGa

OK. Confession time. I haven’t been writing blogs lately because I have been working to a very tight deadline – namely, the submission of Book 2 of Curse of the Bond Riders: Votive. My days are spent lost in the Tallow’s world – which is really rather nice at times and I will blog about what’s been going on there separately (without giving anything away). Thanks to those of you who have emailed asking when Book 2 is coming out. I have had rather a lot, which is very gratifying!

I decided that I would, to make up for not writing on my website much recently, post a link to my latest Courier Mail column. Hopefully, it will generate some discussion and demonstrate that my mind isn’t atrophying and neither have I disappeared. It takes the recent fuss over the Lady GaGa concerts as a starting point for discussing censorship and classifications. I wonder if I am the only one feeling that when it comes to taking personal responsibility, so many people seem reluctant to do that? I am talking about adults, of course, but it’s something that has to be instilled in kids from a young age. And don’t get me started on the number of teachers I have spoken to who lament the rising phenomena of ‘Helicopter’ parents – those who hover protectively over their kids but to the detriment of the child’s social and emotional development, the parents who refuse to believe their child is capable of bad behaviour, poor grades or average performance… Oh dear, that’s going to have to be another blog – I can tell already!

I will start blogging regularly very soon, so please come back! In the meantime, love to hear what you think of this:

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