Welcome to the World of Karen Brooks

Welcome to the website of Karen Brooks!

Hello! Thank you for dropping by. My name is Karen and I’m an author, columnist, journalist, book reviewer, corporate speaker, semi-retired academic and social commentator. I wear many hats and sometimes at the same time. This website is designed to provide information about my books, current, past and future. It’s also for lovers of books and anyone interested in popular culture, history, fantasy, social issues, and the other kinds of writing I do among many other things.

The website is both personal and informal; it tells you a bit about my life, my family, my writing and me. It showcases a range of my work, from my novels, non-fiction, columns and my blog as well as the wonderful books I review. You can even follow me on Twitter if you like your conversations short!

You can also link to me through my Official Fan Page on FaceBook where I write regularly about all things writing, pop culture and general musings on life. I really look forward to your thoughts and ideas about that as well. Finally, this website also provides details for contacting me – whether it’s through my publisher, my speaking agent (if you would like me to present at your conference, function or school) or for emailing me directly. Whichever way you contact me, I look forward very much to talking with you.