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“This is true love… you think this happens everyday?”

Ten points if you can guess where that quote comes from… if you can’t, I will reveal at the end of the blog… So, here we are, another year. Happy New Year! I really hope that whatever plans you’ve made (even not making any), come to fruition and that you have many adventures, love and […]

Illumination news

I’ve decided I’m not very good at putting up info about my books. I must get better at it. I also have to update my website – and I will. After Illumination comes out. See, that’s my problem. At the moment, my year is divided into two halves: BI and AI – Before Illumination and […]

Somerset Celebration of Literature: A Wrap Up

Last week, I spent three glorious days, immersed in books, reading, writing, readers and authors at the fabulous Somerset Celebration of Literature on the Gold Coast. I was star-struck, awed by accomplishments and performances, relished long and often very funny conversations in the Green Room, loved meeting authors I knew and loved and many whom I didn’t […]

A Christmas Poem

The Day Before Christmas by Karen Brooks Twas the day before Xmas, and all through the shops, Were the strains of Bing Crosby, no rock or hip-hop. Last-minute presents were marked down, dollars sliced, While cards and decorations were less than half price. I recalled the whole Grand my true Rudd gave to me, How […]

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