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Illumination (2012)

Illumination (2012)

(Published by Random House, 2012)


Talented candlemaker. Intoxicating courtesan. Lethal assassin. Can Tallow become what she has always denied . . . or is it too late?


Against a backdrop of bloodshed and turmoil, Tallow flees the cunning Maleovellis and a city on the brink of war to enter the Limen, determined to find the Estrattore and meet her destiny.Unbeknownst to Tallow, she sets in motion forces beyond her control. From Serenissima to Farrowfare, enemies – as well as those she has always trusted – plot to ensure her compliance and, ultimately, destruction.


But in doing so, they make a fatal mistake – they underestimate her and the power she can wield.


Betrayed, manipulated and hunted, Tallow is a pawn in a deadly game. In order to win, she will have to sacrifice everything . . . including the man she loves.

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