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Book Review: Violent Exposure, Katherine Howell

The next installment in Katherine Howell’s series featuring the cop with a heart, Ella Marconi, Violent Exposure is a beautifully written, tightly paced novel that I had to read in one sitting because I simply could not put it down. Commencing with the murder of a young woman, Suzanne, whose husband, Connor is subsequently missing, the novel moves between the hunt for her killer and the professional and personal lives of the investigators, including the paramedics, particularly, Mick and the obnoxious trainee, Aidan, who are also (without spoiling the story) intertwined in the case. The further Ella and the team dig into Connor and Suzanne’s life, the more inconsistencies and gaps are exposed, all of which show that even a hidden past can impact upon the present in unforeseen and horrific ways.

Howell writes with conviction and passion and takes the reader on a thrilling journey into not only police and paramedic procedurals, but parallel stories of love, loss, grief and hope and just what lengths people will go to in order to seek revenge and have dreams fulfilled.
A brilliant book. I can’t wait for the next one.

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