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Book Review: The Affair by Lee Child

For various reasons, I took a while to get around to reading the latest offering in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child and I think the gap in time didn’t do any harm. As a holiday read, The Affair is perfect. Short, sharp sentences, silly clich├ęs and high-adrenalin action, it is a great way to while away some hours, plunging into Jack Reacher’s impossible life.

This book takes regular readers back a few years to 1997, to Reacher’s last mission as an MP. Sent to play second fiddle (or is he?) in an investigation of a murder that occurs in a remote US town whose main claim to fame is it’s the location of a training camp for Rangers and some black ops, Reacher’s role is to help discover whether the murderer is military or civilian.

Throw into the mix a gorgeous Sheriff, some over-weight yokels, a force of civilian gun-happy militia, machinations in high military and political spheres and a town about to implode, and you have the ingredients of a page-turner. But when the body count starts to rise and evidence that points in an unexpected directions surfaces, then the games really begin.

Vacuumed up this tale. Turned off the brain and logic and really enjoyed it!

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