19 Responses to “Tony the Abbott and ‘his’ women”

  1. Todd says:

    The problem politically is that Abbott’s media advisors are encouraging him to do so called ‘fluff pieces’ such as the AWW in order to sell himself publicly. Trouble is that unlike his predecessors (Turnbull, and Nelson in particular) he has stubbornly fixed positions that the public are well aware of, so any attempts to soften his public image fail spectacularly. That is the reason he won’t win the election.

  2. Bill Howell says:

    Well said Karen and in particular the last sentence.
    Bill H

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  4. jubby says:

    Cardinal Abbott and the carnal habit.

    It’s always gonna end messy.

  5. pedant says:

    All good, except that last sentence should read “Tony, YOU’RE [as in 'you are'] not an Abbott.”

  6. Laura says:

    One of the disappointing outcomes of Abbott’s celebritism is that regardless, people will end up knowing more about him, ergo liking him more, regardless of his actual viewpoints. The sad fact that most of Australia’s voting public don’t think about the repercussions of voting in a prime-minister like Abbott in terms of the real-time impact on their lives and the legislation that guides them, means that whoever they know better, they will probably like better, and vote in.
    I think Rudd needs to give the public a talking to, so we all wake up to the fact that treating a politician as a celebrity doesn’t make them a better candidate for office.

  7. karenb says:

    Thank you for the correction – hate it when I make those kinds of obvious errors! Will fix now.
    Karen :)

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  10. Maggi Boult says:

    I can no longer see the word gift without thinking our your: ‘You’re a gift, Abbott, with a silent ‘f’’. A great reminder of why we all have to be on our toes to creeping paternalism. And for him to follow this up with his ironing comment is unbelievable

  11. karenb says:

    Oh, the ironing comment was priceless wasn’t it? When I heard it, I immediately tweeted something about how he liked his housewives (who really uses that word in public discourse anymore?) desperate – and ironing! He is an anachronism without a doubt.

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  13. andyw says:

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  14. Ian says:

    Oh dear…… Tony has hit some sensitive nerves, eh? I can’t say I have the same sensitivity. Putting it into context, a women’s magazine asked him “if you were …. what advice would you give to your daughters. He gave a truthful answer as a human being and as a father. I admire him for being honest to say things which he knew were not necessarily popular with a lot of people. Oh for more of that today. I have two daughters who are now grown up and so I fully understand where Tony is coming from. I would have said similar things.
    Similarly Karen, you say things about the sexualisation of kids even though this is unpopular in some circles. But you say these things because you believe they are right and you need to be honest with others about what you really think. I commend you for your moral compass in this regard. Someone with a good moral compass (as opposed to a degenerative moral compass) is someone to be admired as they stand for things that build up and respect fellow humans no matter what the popularity might be.

    As for being a politician, I think we hold unrealistic ideals about these people. We expect them to be almost schizophrenic- as people who should live in a moral vacuum (acknowledgements to “Yes Minister”) and yet still have private lives and beliefs (with which we sometimes disagree). For crying out loud, they are human just like us. They have beliefs like us and make mistakes despite their beliefs just like us. Who wants to cast the first stone ?
    When they enter politics they don’t leave their humanity behind as some seem to expect. Give this guy a break. I’m OK with the fact that he is a human being with human responses when people ask him what he thinks, instead of expecting him to be a Sir Humphrey who is proud to live in a moral vacuum.

  15. karenb says:

    Thank you Andy for the Valentine’s day wishes! Same to you (a little late :) ). And for the nice comments about my blog. Really appreciate that!

  16. karenb says:

    All very fair points, Ian, and I really appreciate you making them. I guess that what upset me (and let’s not forget that Abbott has gone on to make a few more comments regarding women – the ironing and housewives for example) is that he continues to use his very public persona and role as a pollie to espouse an anachronistic sexual politics. You don’t find many other pollies saying what Abbott says or allowing their very personal spiritual and other beliefs to bleed so obviously into their professional spheres. But I totally accept what you say and you’re right, I do also argue about what I believe in – but, and I think there is a difference here, I have also spent years researching this topic and basing a career on popular culture and young people – even the blog I wrote is researched and is not just personal opinion… I know this is going to sound pretentious, but it is informed opinion… not all my blogs are! God no! LOL! But Abbott does have a tendency to blur the lines and I think I find that very problematic.
    Thanks so much for a fabulous and thought-provoking (and insightful) response to my blog!

  17. AussieCit says:

    tony abbott is a private schoolboy like almost every liberal male politican. he is a total fuckwit and should never be allowed near a management or other position of power. if he becomes prime minister…john howard will look like a saint and that is a hard feat.

  18. AussieCit says:

    oh btw…private schoolboys are largely useless at almost everything to make my point clear. their education and lack of real world experience gives way to this common issue. worse still tony abbott is a bully and therefore a total fuckwit.

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